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  1. Leveling Intelligence

    Nope, there's no override for this. Older Spiderweb games let you do this. My guess is that the option, while neat, may not (on the developer's end) be worth the potential it creates for broken events and quests.
  2. Can't add anything to script z0avadondlg.txt

    Yep, that's definitely a syntax error in your script. I think a simpler solution would be for you to paste whatever you added to your broken version here. Then we can go through it and find the error. If you added things in multiple places, just find the section near line 13521. (Sometimes the game doesn't count lines exactly the same way a text editor does, but it should be close enough to distinguish middle vs end of the file.)
  3. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    Cromagnon, you may be thinking of the Linux version of Exile III, which seems to have been a one-off.
  4. Can't add anything to script z0avadondlg.txt

    What message appears in the console? That sounds like you have a syntax error in your script -- could be something as small as a missing semicolon or random extra character. It might even be a stray keystroke that ended up in a completely different part of the script.
  5. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    I'm not going to argue this endlessly. Respectfully, I think this is an unfortunate direction for the OBoE project to be going in. Thankfully, it will probably never happen anyway.
  6. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Ah, so you're trying to make BoE into something that it never was. The interface might be what people see and comment on immediately but it's not the only way in which BoE is an old-school product. Yes, in theory somebody could make all of the above changes and a lot more and end up with something that is more mainstream for today's gamers. But that's a truly huge effort. They'd be better off making a new game. Also -- it would no longer be Blades of Exile.
  7. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    While those are definitely nicer looking, they are also a much more material change to the interface and the general feel of the game.
  8. The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

    Hear hear on both counts.
  9. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    The A:EFTP interface also does not have 17 buttons with completely unrelated functions crammed into a little rectangle.
  10. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Custom interface might be neat. The 6 large icons version is definitely not as bad as the 3 large icons version, but it still results in fewer items being displayed at one time. 8 was already just 1/3 of your inventory; now it's down to 1/4. That's still a real downgrade. I can imagine something that might justify it, but "bigger icons of items" is not one of them. These are not exactly interesting icons, and you're probably going to be staring at the same ones for most of your playtime. Basically, in some ways this interface redesign is "a solution in search of a problem." However, I can imagine really liking ADoS's last design if it simply used the old, smaller icons, with perhaps slightly bigger text and 12 items displayable at once.
  11. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Yeah, I strongly dislike this change. This makes inventory management even more cumbersome than it was in the Nethergate/Avernum engine games. I'm afraid it's a step backwards. I also agree that the giant "Charges" text is a waste of space -- what was wrong with the "Wand of Fire (8)" notation?
  12. New Geneforge 5 Character Editor

    You probably copied more than you needed to. Exclude the "spoileralt" tags which are a relic from earlier forum software, not part of the script.
  13. Scenario graphics problems

    There is a version of original BoE that "automatically" runs through Dosbox? That was the line that had me, at least, assuming that George was using an updated version of some sort.
  14. Scenario graphics problems

    No -- rather there is a difference between original BoE (which was also available for both Mac and PC), and this reworked version. The original version should not have these bugs. But because it's very old, you need an emulator to run it -- it was designed for the operating systems of 20 years ago.
  15. (9:14:33 PM) Scorpius: im a baby cassowary