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  1. Interesting note in the manual there. I have no idea if that was truly implemented or not, but if it was, probably all it would do is prioritize the literal trash items (trash, rocks, sticks, etc) for deletion first -- it might not even flag "household" items (pen and ink, etc.) for that, and I'd be surprised if it sorted actual equipment on the basis of cost (or whatever). Definitely know what you mean about all the piles of stuff in the ziggurat. However, the ziggurat also has very little in the way of NATIVE items lying around, whereas the ToM has TONS of them. So unless you
  2. I could be wrong, but wouldn't the item limit also include the mundane items that are native to the zone? It wouldn't shock me if there are, say, 92 of those in the ToM, so that it cut off items you left beyond 255 items...
  3. Yeah, ADoS is right. "Grinding" has a much more specific meaning in RPGs than simply something being a grind. The purpose for doing it is a necessary criteria. I guess I'm also a little confused by the premise here: "many, many hours going back and forth between towns and dungeons to sell loot" In both of the games at issue (A2 and A4), enemies either don't respawn or respawn at incredibly slow rates, and it's very rare to have a dungeon located so far from a town that it takes more than, I don't know, 15 to 30 seconds of real life time to walk between the
  4. A4 is definitely not one of "the old Spiderweb games." And while those things are, no doubt about it, a slog -- even a grind -- they aren't grinding. That has a more specific meaning.
  5. This is where you lose me. What games exactly are you thinking of? Most Spiderweb games have such a sharp reduction in experience gain as your level rises that there's not even much point to grinding -- and this actually includes Exile! It certainly wasn't encouraged or incentivized. The only real exception I can think of is original Nethergate (not Nethergate: Resurrection), and even then it's not something that was necessary or encouraged. If you just mean "hacking and slashing through the cannon fodder monsters that populate a given dungeon, the first time you exp
  6. In Exile and Avernum that is the only conversation node that references it. Exile: There is a portly man with short gray hair sitting behind the counter. When you enter, he is writing haphazard notes on a sheet of vellum. "I'm Bernie. Welcome to my shop. Would you like to hear The Chart?" "I have all manner of potions and the like, which you may purchase. You can also sell me your excess magic. And, if you would like, you can hear The Chart. It's about the meaning of life." He pulls out a sheet of paper, and start talking and writing. He desc
  7. This is a really interesting discussion. Trauma and mental health are important and personal topics for a lot of people here. Thinking about some past threads where they have come up, the discussions can be really valuable, and they can also sometimes lead to hurt feelings. So just a pre-emptive little mod hat reminder here -- please respect everyone else and their experiences 😊 Also, remember that google likes these forums -- anything posted here is very, very public 🙃 On the topic itself... I'm not sure the game really says that about Bernie. I can see how one might interpr
  8. Sure, but that thread (that Kel linked) was a poll comparing only the Avernum games, not Exile -- Alorael is clearly talking about A2 being the favourite over A3. It's not really a place you'd expect Exile vs Avernum comparisons -- though it eventually makes it into the thread and Alorael eventually distinguishes between the two games himself! The feelings about A2 vs A3 were clear in the big 2012 poll: You can see forumgoers (as a group) having a more positive reaction to E3 than A3 there as well -- and the difference between the two is more pronounced than that
  9. My memory of the earliest days is much vaguer -- I only lurked a little then -- but there was a lot of discussion along those lines in the criticism-heavy G3/A4 era. That distinction was an old chestnut of Drakey's, e.g., and I remember other people bringing it up even later in discussions about the Blades CSR, etc. Back then, before the Second Avernum Trilogy really took off, there seemed to be a much bigger difference in opinion between those who preferred Exile and those who preferred Avernum than we have today. I would definitely believe that this view was mostly a
  10. My own memory is overwhelmingly of Exile 3 getting heaps of praise from forum members -- which makes sense given how BoE-centric the forum crowd was in the earlier days -- despite the vocalized dislike of its plot. Avernum 3 got dumped on a lot more.
  11. You're mistaken. Nethergate came the year after BoE.
  12. If you're talking about the original Avernum 2 and Avernum 3 (that's the forum you're posting in) this is the opposite of what is usually said! Avernum 3 felt very muted and constrained to many people, compared to Exile 3. Exile 3 was probably the brightest and most colorful Spiderweb game there's been, so the difference was easy to feel if you played both. If you're talking about the recent remakes (A2:CS and A3:RW), different story.
  13. I thought I remembered that, but couldn't find it anywhere on the web! Good catch.
  14. I think this has come up in other threads in the intervening 13 years (!), but that's a pretty great track, isn't it? Great soundtrack altogether, Picq is really something.
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