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  1. I'm pretty sure Randomizer was talking about N:R, and comparing it to the original, where Celts had more armor restrictions.
  2. It'll likely take close to a decade for the remaster to get through all 5 games (not exaggerating). So you'll have plenty of time to play those, hehe.
  3. Don't listen to the lack of praise. It's the best thing SW's put out in years. It's just also the biggest departure from the past games (and from orthodox CRPGs in general), and a lot of people don't like that.
  4. 2 - Nope. I mean, these games don't really give you real choices about what to do, aside from, I guess, simply not doing certain things. 3 - Erika is, without a doubt, one of the best characters Jeff has written. Her... departure scene, let's say, is incredibly fitting and poetic. You may have emotions if you feel so strongly about her, but I don't think you will be disappointed. Also, she is a significant character throughout A1, A2, and A3, so you don't need to expect seeing that anytime soon. 4 - That's not normal. Usually a node triggers ending your game if you
  5. I think you and I have some kind of fundamental difference in how we determine when a theory has nothing to do with the text and is pure invention, versus when it is -- while still a theory and absolutely bearing the potential to be incorrect -- literally the only thing the text even flinches towards on the subject. In this case, in Exile II, there are only two references to Limoncelli's speed that say anything beyond "fast" -- both in your post above. Both reference haste spells. Both compare the effect to haste spells. One says that the effect is stronger than what a haste spe
  6. Limoncelli isn't that much of a mystery. There are multiple descriptions, both in narrative text and NPC dialogue, that refer to haste spells, e.g. It's as if time is warped around him ... he moves as if he has received many haste spells, one on top of the other. I guess there's the question of whether this was done with Empire magic or Vahnatai magic obtained from Gaddika. We never really see any Vahnatai altered in this way, though. My money's on Garzahd, since his expertise in permanent warding was extensive, and his own self-enchantments imbue speed as well. Elderan is also pla
  7. Amena Blade was definitely in G1. I don't think anything was said about his age then, but he was a lieutenant in Kazg, so presumably not a child. It looks like he was old enough in G3 for his eyesight to be failing, and also over 100 in G4. According to a fandom site, he's the only character to have appeared in 4 games, so he may be the best evidence here. I guess his age suggests that G1 to G4 could be anywhere from 60 to 90 years, so perhaps the series timespan is slightly longer than I suggested above. G2 to G3 is definitely a plausible place for some extra years to show up.
  8. Zakary and Barzahl were on Sucia shortly after the events of G1. I don't remember if exact timeframes were mentioned in G2, but based on their descriptions, it doesn't seem like more than 2 or maybe 3 decades could have passed. I agree with Greta and Alwan re G3/4/5, so that just leaves the time between 2 and 3. This could probably be derived from some of the minor NPCs who show up in all of G1/2/3. There are minor NPCs overlapping throughout the series, and extensive aging is limited, even for randos who don't have access to shaping. So all told, I'd guess the timespan from 1 to 5 is pro
  9. G3 was deliberately an "every option sucks" game, and opinion about it tends to be polarized as a result. Some people enjoyed that, others hated it.
  10. Why the heck would Jeff reveal a "secret" (more of a deliberate mystery, I'd say) about Geneforge 5... in an announcement about Geneforge 1? Unless the G5 protagonistis actually someone who was on Sucia during G1, that makes no sense whatsoever. It doesn't even make sense then -- and it would take some real plot twists for it to be such a person.
  11. Hi, @lucabar, please pick 1 topic to post in about a particular problem. If you post in multiple places, everyone else ends up reading the same thing twice, which is annoying. Thanks! --your friendly neighborhood mod
  12. Scrying (and teleportation, and any form of magic involving long distances) is also shown to be extremely difficult in A1-3, far moreso than in mainstream fantasy of the last two decades. How would he get a message to the Castle (or wherever) magically? If there are magical communication devices set up, or spells available, we sure never see them. And given the number of tell-this-person quests, those mages must enjoy laughing at adventurers. No, the closest thing we see to this is astral travel. Admittedly, Patrick is one of the two people we know can do this (the other, conveniently, be
  13. Yeah, I think "plot hole" describes a lot of this. Really nothing about Seletine and the wands makes any sense -- cue old griping about how the Tower would rather have the wands be lost or destroyed, rather than have their couriers use a few charges in order to ensure their delivery. Fortunately, however, we can be more specific about how far north of Fort Goodling Fort Cavalier is: about 250 miles. (This is in the text somewhere; I'm reading off the Blazing Blade, which is somehow still up, and which I trust to have quoted accurately.) Although the relationship between "miles"
  14. That settles it, I think -- if you're maneuvering your way through neutral territory, it almost has to connect to some area north of the Great Cave, and not to the Great Cave itself. It's worth pointing out that there are really two points to locate here: Fort Goodling as well as Fort Cavalier. Fort Goodling is presumably more easily accessed, at least from the Tower of Magi, since one of the Triad goes there personally to deliver the wands, but doesn't just bring them to Fort Cavalier. (It does also seem much less distressed than Fort Cavalier, so it seems unlikely it's harder t
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