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  1. Im not sure what made tawon gods more appealing than crystal souls. But you're right they are almost the same. Another difference is that crystal souls are "born" mad and then are helped by their peers to attain sanity. While gods are bound to eventually go mad. And well if you go to the velusa library you actually learn how to do it. Yes i agree that was what really drew me to them. It seems so much more interesting that way. Although that was also taken from me by hearsay only though it appears that like all magic it will fail over time and thats why they get less stable and weaker.
  2. Anyone else kinda disappointed they are just necromancy? I kinda liked the previous lore that said they drew strength and attained godhood through their worshipers and lost it through their loss as well. Idk seemed more romantic and heavy than necromancy. At this point anyone could become a god and facing them is much less awe inspiring.
  3. Im relatively antisocial. And while i may be rude or unwelcome to people at certain days specially if they come into my house obviously uninvited. But i will not kill them nor try to nor take their minds. That's the important difference. I also expect some will adapt. But the vast majority will die off. I take my hat off to the very misguided and fatalistic wisdom of your plan. Sometimes we all just want to see the world burn. Might as well teach important lessons. Chaotic good? On the other side thats exploitation of gazers.
  4. God hates gazers! Gazerality is a sin! All gazers go to hell! The purity agent is gods punishment for gazers! Ok just kidding and im out of stereotypically gazerphobic remarks. Not that im gazerphobic. I have gazer friends. Ok im done All have tendencies for megalomania. And complete disregard for human life. They don't tolerate us. They are very belligerent and insolent. The ones that generally don't attack you is due to some sort of agreement with the rebels which they are paid not to. Even then you need only to give them an excuse and they kill you. If they were to follow hu
  5. Ah you are an angel. I always wanted that. But i had in mind to get kratoa kell or whats its name after makkar dies. But i'd settle for rebel base. Its grate i tells ya grate! I just wish i could take it over as a shaper or of the kind. Still doe. Grate.
  6. Gazers are a danger to society!
  7. I didn't get the first is what i meant. I heard you did a warrior kinda one too
  8. Tbh i never really not kill footracer. I always powergame. So i always kill him. I said mercenary over the token that allows you safe passage. But i get you on that. Idk if it has any real effect though? Greta is cool but she isn't really in prominent on that game. She seems to be there as a by the way. Ahh i never got the mod. Unfortunately my main pc broke down so im stuck with a husk. And tru. I met my match here. Actually better. And sometimes even i wasn't sure what we arguing about. Tru again. Gazers are a danger to society! Ps. I'm not being "too" responsive cause
  9. I find that teleportarion and shittone of pets work great. Everyone should have one. Potions of recovery are important. Health pods as well. Around two speed bursts and expect your main tank to die. Get rid of the drakes first. If inconvenient though take care to remove the titan mob. Though really. Drakes are trouble. If you can. Try summoning in and waiting for the beat to disappear until you get corrupted hound. Good health and imune to acid. As well as great attack.(the scarab does randomly get it. Idk bout wand of calling)
  10. We all want a special potted plant deep inside. Edit: Jesus Christ not literally.
  11. Hahahahahahaha! Thats a mercenary heart my man! And true it was predictable. More so in g5 than g4 as at least ghaldring didn't seem too arrogant. I got annoyed at g5 for not bringing any voice to the rebelion. The best options are not the actual rebels.
  12. I actually have just its tricky not to spoil to blxz so im arguing on the possibility not canon.
  13. Tru. I don't get how though. It is not a nice experience not being sure about the future and all most of all that. You don't know what to look forward to and you can't plan for anything. And it does craps to the economy. working is pointless. ehhh lets just say war is stupid and again. in my experience people settle for tyranny if it gives stability. The unbound were developed by the drakons in secret. human participation was a diplomatic token. They were not needed. And only had a role in the very last part of it. And true, arrogance brought the shapers down. But surprise, complacency an
  14. I wss going to say its not the same. But well it is. Even the russian revolution(actually this one could be classified as 3 wars in a row/simultaneous, all short lived though) was like so. And South Sudan as well. That being said there is a difference between a power struggle which is usually the cause for those things falling appart and an ideological one. They mix it up a lot of times but in general it comes down to who wants to be in power. In this case its not about power really. Its about ideology. Edit: to avoid multiple posts ill let you wrap up your points first. Anyway people
  15. We can all agree that there is no example of a two in a row revolution. And that humans, drayks and serviles would be as exhausted as the drakons by the end of the war(if not more as most fighting was done by them while drakons hid and did magic shappy things in the labs) No because genetic engineers didn't create international law or any constitution. UN and governments are the ones with power. And both can pretty much have cafeteria guys jump when they say jump. If it were us to create the laws and enforce them i don't think the justifications on why i hold the power matter as much as t
  16. Ahhh now i have lots of opinions to share. In short. (Its actually long) Not necessarily the long term effects of the rebelion might as well be the installation of another magocracy. The drakons are definitely more powerful than the human part as evidenced by g4. Obviously less scrpulous in unleashing destruction. So maybe pararel to the Bolshevik revolution. It started with good intentions. It won, even if for a period they stayed true to their goals (during Lenin's rule) it quickly gave rise to Stalin who undid the little good the revolution had managed and ruled with a tighter iron grip
  17. I'm sorry i didn't answer earlier. Work is scrambling my brain. And as you can see by now. Fighting honourably results in death. Without spoiling much all i can say is if you're really bent on it, in time you'll get your direct and honourable fight.
  18. I just finished the game. I will do two half replays. I don't think i can handle more wyldrim for a full one. Meanwhile its a great game. Possibly more fun that avadon 2 for me. I gotta say though: huge spoilers ahead:
  19. Alright like i said before ill let it drop. Still. Have fun doing litalia's dirty work rebel abomination scum >.> jk. update me when you do his side.
  20. Well of cpurse he doesn't believe you. But he cant prove it so thats good enough. If he kills you anyway maybe its cause you have a too pro rebel allegiance. Idk doe. Anyway i think by the end of dhonals you can stand your own against him.
  21. Lolz. U using gameplay here for argument. In any case he can protect his city. He can't do better than that. Tbh please sidetrack the game. Save this one and try to do his quest. To see what he's up against. Did you try refusing to give the canister to lankan?
  22. Dinwanya(im sure im misspelling) wasn't bent on "killing horribly". The rogues were created by litalia. And even so he did the best he could to keep the people safe. He also forbade the gatherers to continue their trade exactly with mind to keep them safe. Like what you say is true in most cases but this specific you are generalising shapers into that kid. He did his best. And in all honesty seems to have had potential to become one of the good non tyranical shapers in different situations. But i'll let it rest. In this case what i do is ask you to one; read the shaper's notes on his basement.
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