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  1. Ahhh you guys must be right. I even checked my key items and saw the packages, but never thought Skribbane might be inside. Thanks for the quick help!
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get past the guard checkpoint outside Lorelei for the first time, but they keep attacking me because they detect Skribbane in my bags. Well, I don't have any in my bags. I tried dropping it all in Softport, I've tried sticking it in my junk bag (people say this works), and I've tried destroying all of my skribbane all together. They still detect drugs in my bag. Okay, let's try deleting each character and their entire inventory one by one to see which one is causing the problem. No luck. What if I delete all of my characters but one, and then delete
  3. The corruption was one of my favorite bits too. I was transfixed during the entire Miranda sequence. Thanks for the responses Randomizer, Jeff. I will never forget Spiderweb Software games, old and new, and look forward to the next title. Cheers!
  4. In my playthrough I attempted to remain neutral most of the game, dodging any decisive answers to polarizing dialogue options. My goal was to get Protus and Redbeard to kill each other in the end so I could take over as Keeper and do away with Avadon. Redbeard ended up killing Protus and I chose to kill Redbeard. I tried to avoid my duty as Keeper afterward, but the Hearts wouldn't let me leave. Here are my questions: 1. Will there be another Avadon game? 2. The ending mentioned we never find out how Redbeard stayed young. Is there a way to find this answer? 3. I gave Dirran Redbea
  5. Awesome! I Don't feel bad now if sending a person off to their death is part of my battle plan. Thanks for the response.
  6. Hey everyone. Long time lurker and fan of Spiderweb. Just started Avadon: The Black Fortress, and despite what seemed like an over-simplified combat system, there's a surprising amount of tactics and strategy involved. I'm enjoying a decent challenge on hard difficult One question though: When a character dies (is knocked unconscious) in battle, do they gain EXP from subsequent monster kills? I hate continuing a battle if one or two characters are missing out. I know it would be fairly easy to test, but I keep forgetting to, so and I figured I'd finally set up an account on here and ask yo
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