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  1. Im not big brained enough for puzzles but im a completionist. Spare a crumb of brain cell pls. For the needy? Ngl a few of the puzzles in sw games are very frustrating due to the gameplay it has. Rly hard to control. Based on the games i'd find riddles would be much better options than actual puzzles.
  2. What tri rodent said. Also other factions have cultural traits that may be of use. I find the ahriel the most disappointing in their race specific skills and the ukat the most useful. Vol is really good but i'd rather have 25% as effective skills for the whole party rather than that strong for a single person. Edit: so you probably wanna build ur first fort in all provinces before getting serious.
  3. While yeah the initial response to it on the first screenshots was rly: "this is atrocious jeff cannot be this broke". Upon playing its like rly easy to forget about them and immerse. I have more trouble suspending disbelief in morrowind than in this tbqh. That said i do feel a bit of effort was put into the graphics particularly in how they change in certain conditions esp in forts and in the player characters based on what they are wearing. And that aside i like the monster designs for most part. I remember i had an issue with more modern avernum games because they left behind some of the tr
  4. Ok idr the name cause im working now but i got stuck there. Im looking for green globes to give to the beautiful tree. And i only found one and theres no way out. From the obvious options i did interact w other workers and explore some more. But no globes still. Should it have been done in a specific order? Cause i killed everyone else before getting the first globe.
  5. Okay so after a bit i just gave everyone long range weapons and the game is much easier to me im wondering if it was intended to be that way. Or like an oversight. Either way i do appreciate this bc it was getting a bit frustrating to have such a challenge level this early. Either way this does remind me of the relative frustration of using guardians in g1 and g3 due to the encumbrance penalties among others. If it is intended and there is a formula to figure out in each area. I just want to say this may yet be one of the most rewarding combat systems i have played in general tbh. Bc bad buil
  6. So far im enjoying it to be honest. It feels like there is a lot of depth to it and i like how very little is face value you really are thrown into a world where you arent sure what is going on and how your actions affect the future and you have these choices relatively early on. Which like ostensibly the earlier choices wouldnt matter much. But i still find it interesting cause you dont know enough. Like should i support the Owen? Is there information missing? If i give the land to that lord am i ostracising a faction? Moreover is supporting a seemingly fairer faction going to have overall ne
  7. Jeff Trully snapped when he comissioned diff looks for the entire family based on the skin tone. And that genuinely made me happy they all look somewhat distinct and fitting to the personalities too. Love that.
  8. Personally i just think the lack of new content to discuss within the realms of this forum is the main driver for this, like... I think a lot of us have exhausted most conversations to be had on any of the previous games. The remakes didn't leave much of a room for discussions of more than mechanics and any other conversations can be had more easily and freely(not that the restrictions in place are not appropriate) anywhere else. I think Queen's Wish deff would create room for more activity. I'm to start it today and in his interview Jeff said they wrote and had a lot of content for this, and
  9. Thanks For Reading it! I appreciate it!
  10. Hey All. I wanted to start a new thread thats basically ppl sharing what they are glad for or hoping for or whatever. It is a bit unoriginal I suppose, but i don't really see it as being harmful. And ultimatelly i feel like it would be cute to celebrate small achievements, circumstances, media, etc... It provides a moment for introspection and self expression as the ability to derive a measure of contentment/motivation from others. Even if Vicariously. So pls participate. No matter how insignificant it may seem. I'll start. As a loona fan i absolutely loved their butterf
  11. It's here! Please let me know y'alls thoughts https://drive.google.com/open?id=10IS9Od05plE3O57q0Qvh41TYqsdk4aT6
  12. Actually i think i can work with google drive. File sharing should be an option. Just let me fix a link
  13. Yeah but on a patreon link. But if i could upload it directly(i think?) or like if you have an e-mail u feel comfortable with sharing it would be better for me cause it won't seem like im actually hawking it.
  14. Hey All! It has been a decade! I'd like to share the books i've read but like i think a few would have been talked about here already Pedagogy of The Oppressed by Paulo Freire. A bit hypocritical in the way it is written, but ultimatelly one of the more solid ~left~ books A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabo. Much more easy to digest than when i first tried. It's absolutely beautiful, but still somewhat slow paced. If you haven't had the chance to go through it i'd 100% recommend. The Stormlight Archives series by Brandon Sanderson(ongoing) The first book
  15. OK in defense of US centrism. On terms of sexual orientation and gender identity(except the examples pointed out by dikiyoba) most (semi-) modern cultures do have a considerable lack of non slur definitions around on the national language if its not English. And "gay" is pretty much recognisable everywhere even though its English. To say basically that be it us centric or not. In its format it would be accessible to all. (I suppose non binary would be very hard to grasp in gendered languages, but still). And like let's remember the current amount of pollers is on the 40s having an option
  16. I think this is the single most explanatory piece here on information presentation. The first two games you are in a world you don't really know both in game story and freshness for players. So generally esp g1 will explain things much better. But also the main vibe of the first two games are mystery. This is sort of emphasised in g2 where the majority of the map isn't even visible to you. And the main quests are more of like find out what in the hell is going on. So giving you what you want without the need for exploration would defeat one of the main purposes of the game and the entire main
  17. I was very surprised at my results. And while I liked it I feel like it could profit from at the very least more questions. I got You are a: Communist Authoritarian Non-Interventionist Bleeding-Heart Libertine Collectivism score: 100%Authoritarianism score: 67%Internationalism score: -17%Tribalism score: -100%Liberalism score: 100% Most of it is accurate though.
  18. Thanks for the frankness and contribution Alorael. Thats unfortunate, although it does make me appreciate Jeff significantly more. Smh, i guess BoA it is. I'll probably start a new thread for tips as i go on the relevant subforum. Meanwhile if anyone else can think of similar engines please say so, this doesn't have an expiration date, it's a side thing for me.
  19. I was wondering(since through various threads here everyone seems certain a new blades of[insert game] is not going to happen) if there is any kind of editors available preferably with the same graphics style as the mid-to-later spider web games, ideally free, if you know good ones that are payable, please link me privately as im not sure if it breaks the forums rules vs adverts?(does it?) idk. I'm also not a veteran campaign maker(or anything other than mediocre), so if there is relevant information to the editors you are to recommend, please share it as well as general tips you may find u
  20. Alhoon, there is a substantial difference between doing bad things and being a bad person. There are very few people that have not done bad things in their lives, and as with this occasion, society does their best to correct said bad actions or behaviour. I don't think any 4 year old child instinctively knows what is a good moral conduct according to their society. (although that in itself is another mess cause society also thought women voting was a bad thing at one point but it is irrelevant in this discussion) my point being you didn't know better, and people explained their issue with what
  21. ok tru, but in any case i dont think the game was biased against rebels.
  22. Dude.. Did you seriously quit a game because your fave faction was ~Problematic TM~ in this one? The game doesnt paint the rebelion in a bad light. the game is simply from a shaper pov. same as g4 rebellion is from a rebel pov. g4 start also p much w a raid on the southforge citadel. so its equality. in any case. finish the game, it has some necessary bits of story as well as one of the best characters in the series.
  23. really? but i was thinking about starting over anyway so myb i can see for myself, eventually.
  24. Yoo Alhoon long time, im glad you finally finished g3. There is an unaligned option but the ending varies according to how much/little you sabotaged the other factions. idk if it qualifies as a spoiler. but if you see your quest list the main quest should tell you exactly what you need as minimum requirement to end the game. that being said i wouldnt say Litalia is bad because canister use but geneforge has a bad track of retconing stuff so the whole lore is a mess and in the end it varies with what you personally take as canon. cause i.e. g5 rewrites some pieces of history but i think man
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