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I have just moved my website from hallsofchaos.forinti.com to http://blades.hallsofchaos.net/.


Old forinti.com address will continue to work for an undetermined length of time, but it would be best to direct new links at the new address, and correct major links which are going to continue existing, such as the one in the forum header. (Could a mod take care of that at some point, please?)


Yay, new web hosting!

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I downloaded it earlier today, and again just now. The name of the archive says it's verson 1.0.7, but the Finder tells me it's version 1.0.4 (which may or may not be accurate). And it does not have that feature. The palettes are FLOORS-TERRAIN-HEIGHT and back to FLOORS.

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Ah, then what you've found is that one version string is wrong. (This has been fixed in the source code already, but there haven't been any builds with new features to be released to take advantage of it.) As to your last claim, this means you're using it wrong. You do know that those palettes only exist in town mode, where they can be used, right?

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