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New User, Semi-dumb question... adding avatat pix to profilr

Daisy Munchkin

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Hi Y'all.. So I a newbie, not totally computer unsavvy, but I can't seem to get the (80x80 0f course!) avatar of choice posted. The choices provided suck, and don't have my own web site. I just wanna copy/paste my beautiful pikky in place, but no joy.... What 2 do??? Suggestion, (no, not that one).

Incidently, is it a given that these games become a total 24 hour a day totalmente ocd addiction!.... I spend my evenings scurrying around an imaginary landscape searching for humps of overturned earth, and smashing the bejezzers outta anything that moves... Is this the way of a retired sweet little old english lady..? whistle

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