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BoA Tips and Tricks

Ishad Nha

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We currently have a list of BoA bugs, we need a list of tips and tricks based upon the page order of the Editor help file.


Apparently the very first trick happened before there was a BoA: in the original Nethergate Jeff created a really custom terrain without need for a custom graphic. He had eight terrain types 222 thru 229, "Hill with Tree". Each was composed of a hill graphic and a tree graphic, the tree graphic was the second icon in a pair of two icons. It was represented by the "te_second_icon" call but there was no x or y offset used, hence it was at the same general height as the hill.


Using this in BoA: the only limitation is that both icons must be placed on the same graphic sheet.


In BoA, unlike Nethergate, you can only have two graphics in the same set. Thus you can't join a hill and a two - part tree by this method. You might be able to join the hill to the base of the tree, then have the top half of the tree as the second icon.

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