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More Terrain Graphics

Ishad Nha

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Following graphics retrieved from the original Nethergate by the Resource Hacker program. In the original Nethergate and in Avernum 1 the terrain graphics were compiled directly into the program.




The town entrance terrain is particularly good in my view. A few terrain types have shadows, this seems to make little difference either way.

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The palisade wall works like building walls in towns, there are four separate types, compared to the two types of the outdoors City Walls. Before the palisade walls can be used I will have to figure out x,y offsets for them.


I might add that the last item, Wicker Man, consists of a set of three graphics. (Ditto the Spire of Ages found in G758). Now BoA can only handle two graphics at a time. This will need work too.


At some point I will need to come up with editor icons. Original Nethergate had editor icons much smaller than those found in BoA.


Creating editor icons is always a problem for new graphics.


Edit: some of the graphics do occur in the standard BoA line up, about half a dozen of them, they will be included for the sake of completeness, just in case they are a slightly different shade to those that do not occur.

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Nethergate: Resurrection had very few new graphics. Basic wall types 619 and 620, cliffs 663 and a few individual terrain graphics. I have updated the OriginalNeth.png file to include these, the web link given in the first post of this topic remains unchanged.


The original Nethergate had few graphics that were not found in BoA because the BoA graphics largely came from the original Nethergate.

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