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Avernum 5 - Quest's not Registering


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In Muck, that dude that follow's you around all the time, Dominico, gave me a quest to find a NEW PASSAGE from Azure Gallery through the magical barrier. It's on the quest list, but every time I return to Muck, this character never acknowledges the quest was completed (yes, I completed the quest). Just a glitch? Makes me wonder if that's the reason he stopped following me, Muck was the last place I ever saw him to completion of the game. Kind of thought he would have a longer role. Thanks!

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No, you have to find a specific passage from the dark river to the Azure gallery before that quest is completed. It's guarded by the cult of the monster or whatever the hell they're called. And if you complete it, he kindly turns up at the darkside fortress to help you to fight Dorikas (see also e-mail correspondence op cit).

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