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Khora-Vysss Gate Wheels


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Go around to the wheel in the north gatehouse. Wait until the water changes channels. Go to the southwest through the now dry channel. Fight some more sliths, find a lever to open a secret door, and turn the north wheel, then use the now shorter path to recross the channel. The south wheel reopens the channel if you stay there.


Now the channel for the southeast is open. Fight some more sliths. Find a wheel in the southwest part of this area to drain the channel to the west of you. Cross to the southeast and fight to get the key to upstairs. There is a secret door to go back to the southeast gate house if you fail to defeat the slith for the key.


Otherwise you can now unlock the door to the main level and explore the Slith Temple. There is also a wheel to drain the channel to the north so you can leave..

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Sorry to perform a bit of thread necromancy, Randomizer, but I'm having trouble getting through the waterways as well. I can get into the southern section just fine, and kill the beast-master and his basilisk, but I can't find the wheel to open up the waterway that leads through the center of the bottom half of the map. I've been running around looking for it for the better half of an hour, but I just don't see it. My only unexplored options are, really, a locked door (50), a magically locked door, and the third waterway, which I can't seem to clear.




Oh, and you don't need to use the secret door at the room with the two wheels. If you just run it, you make it to the other side of the channel with 2 or 3 tiles to spare before the water fills back up.

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The Slith Key is in the southwest corner of the lower level and not a item that transfers when you kill him. Keep searching.


I haven't played this game since it came out so I don't remember the details. It is probably inside a container.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It might help finding things. )

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