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Autorun Install Doesn't Work For BoA On Vista


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I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but when I was re-installing BoA off of my CD (ver. 1.0.1, I believe) onto Vista, I couldn't run the installer by clicking on the button (the other buttons worked). No biggie; I could still run the installer by exploring the CD, but still...



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It has been mentioned (in the Geneforge forum if I remember correctly, I think this affects not just BoA but other games too) and Jeff has patched the installer. Of course this doesn't help those of us who have a CD already...


As you said however it is still possible to install the game manually by exploring the CD.


Edit: Another wrinkle, if you want to be able to read the Exile help files on Vista you have to manually download the old version of windows help from the MS website.

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