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Zephyr Tempest

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How do I check to see which version of DirectX I have?


I've finally found out WHY there were problems with my computer sounds...when I installed Desktop Themes, it appears either I or my computer(OR both) messed up on the orders an dit uninstalled some sound files. And I finally figured out how to uninstall Desktop Themes, although it took a few tries.

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on the dxdiag panel is a list of all DirectX files with their version

numbers. It is not uncommon that these vary wildly (i.e. directdraw 8,

directound 6 and a half, etc). This usually doesn't cause much of a

problem but sometimes it might.

Some older games have a tendency of overwriting a newer directx version with

an older one at install time, which does cause a problem.

Both can be fixed (usually) by downloading the most recent version from

microsoft's webpage. I've had at least two experiences myself with

directmusic crashing my computer because of version trouble.

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