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Serious Script Error in A4


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Origannly posted in A4 discussion.


Oh man. My game somehow got very screwed up and I didn't do anything. I am at the point in the game right after you kill the Vahnatai and come back to Formello and see the shade. Now I am getting the following message:

Dialouge Script Error: in line 167


Notice there is a space or two after the colon, making me think something the only problem is a space somewhere. Note that I have not modded any scripts in this game, but I have done other ones so I kinda know what's wrong.

Now all I get when I talk to people is a blank. No words or anything. All I see is that I am able to exit the conversation.


My real question is where is the Dialouge script? Is it in the save game or is it in the script folder? If so, which one is it. If anyone is having problems like this or can help, please reply.

(Oh, and I'm just playing demo, but >>was<< planning on getting the full game)

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You posted the same thing in the A4 forum. Not knowing that, I gave an answer in this thread that was the same as what people had already said in the A4 forum. Then I saw that other thread and edited it out.


As a general rule, don't multi-post the same problem. I know someone said that this was more of a Tech Support question, but if that were really the case, a moderator could move the thread.

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I'm not sure what you mean, Jeff, because the old thread is still as it was, here , but this is how I understand it: the error message says, "Dialogue Script Error: in line 167" (note the several spaces between the colon and the word "in"). It's in Formello, inside the city walls.


Is that right, Darkstrike?


EDIT: Wait, I get it now. I edited out my answer in this thread. I didn't edit out the other thread. My bad with the ambiguous wording. tongue

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This is a pretty odd error. First, the error message is munged up. Second, although many people are playing through Formello, Darkstrike seems to be the only person having this problem. Third, the error is in a dialogue node that isn't being run. Fourth, I can't find a problem with the script.


My advice is to uninstall (save your saved games in a safe place first), download a fresh copy, and reinstall. Perhaps the script file is corrupted, or perhaps the application file is corrupted in the place where the scripts are being interpreted.


If this still doesn't help, E-mail me at spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com. This is always the best way to get bugs/feedback to me.


- Jeff Vogel

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