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Avernum 1 screen resolution problem


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I'm trying to demo Avernum 1 for the Mac. I am running Mac OS X 10.4.9 on a PowerBook G4 and just downloaded and installed Avernum v. 2.0. The game launches fine and prompts me to switch to 800X600 at thousands of colors, which is seems to do with no problem.


I then quit from the main screen (I was just installing before heading off on a business trip). The screen tries to reset back to my previous settings of 1280 X 854 and millions of colors. In fact, the computer seems to think that it has switched. However, I can only see an 800 X 600 section of the screen which unfortunately doesn't include the menu bar or dock.


If I open a Finder window and launch System Preferences, I can change resolutions in the Displays preference, but it doesn't have any effect. The only fix seems to be to reboot the computer.


Does anyone know of a way around this? I tried trashing the Avernum preferences and had the exact same thing happen again.

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You should change the resolution and colors to the preferred setting before you launch the game. That avoids the computer aking you to change resolutions and colors, which of course, keeps it from switching back when quiting.


I.F.M. being I.F.M.

The problem is probably your computer.
That didn't answer his/her question



I.F.M. probably uses the accursed Windows OS

Are you running the latest Mac?
What do you mean? DanloRingess is running the latest OS available (soon to be replaced by 10.5), but he/she isn't using the latest Mac computer (New Macs have Intel processors, not G4 processors).
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Thanks for the suggestions. Changing the resolution beforehand took care of the situation. I was really hoping that the software could do things correctly, though. frown


In any case, at least it is playable without having to reboot the computer. Now I can give the game a try without being too annoyed. I guess Avernum is just old enough to not really play as nicely as it could under current operating systems.


I'll see if the recent versions have the same issue.



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