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Avernum 3 editor


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Originally written by Treota:
is there any way to turn off the madturn off editor button mad sis turned it off again for like the third time mad i think jeff is getting annoyed at me for asking him for another code soo many times laugh
Think, at least you know SOME of the codes. There's only a limited possibility for codes, so soon you might not even need to ask Jeff anymore. You'll know all of them... laugh

Or you could just scream at your sister... madlaughmad
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The preferences file you want is the Avernum Prefs file, the one you probably had to delete the last 2 times your editor was disabled, thus causing you to unregister your copy. Delete your prefs again, get a new code, reregister, set your preferences as you like them and then back up the preferences. Next time your sister messes with Avernum 3, replace the preferences file with the backup you made. If she destroys the backup, you can probably make a case for justifiable homicide.

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A flame war? Over Erika? In Tech Support?


Yeah right.


Though before she died, she must've been getting on a bit. I mean, it takes time to become a major archmagess, then the time involved inn Exile getting rid of Grah-Hoth and putting Micah on the throne before E1 happens, then all of the time up to E3 (by which time, it says that all your adventurers were born in Exile, and they needed time to grow up, at least 20 years we're talking here).


She must have been at least 60-70 and maybe anywhere up to 90.

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