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  1. Erika sucks she is the crappyest mage ive ever seen that is a major charecter
  2. this has nothing to do with this but "what hey" ill say it anyway exile 3 has cooler spells than avernum 3
  3. im pretty sure u cant get into that building in the unregistered version of e3
  4. well i would have to say the best wepon in the game has got to be a stick i took over shayder with a stick. Quote: all hail my powerful party
  5. btw which file is the preferences file???????? do i need another code and then back up the file or can u get the editor back without unregistering??????
  6. good point ill do that
  7. Treota

    good point

    michal you have a very good point ill do that
  8. is there any way to turn off the turn off editor button sis turned it off again for like the third time i think jeff is getting annoyed at me for asking him for another code soo many times
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