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N:R Windows Save Issues


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I'm a longtime SWS fanboy, since Exile 2 (though I went back and played the first one, of course!) Just got the N:R Windows demo, and I've run into a weird and annoying problem.


I'm a compulsive saver, before every turn of a dungeon corridor or every opened door, that sort of thing, and about five times so far I've loaded a saved game and it's loaded, not the save from a few seconds ago, but a save from about a half an hour ago, one that's been saved over many times.


The first few times it happened, I just assumed that my save-happy reflexes were rusty from a long break in Spiderweb Software games, but I've been more careful in paying attention to what I'm doing, and it definitely has happened. It's frustrating to lose ~20 minutes of successful gameplay, only to go back to a save before some other crucial point and have to do that again.


I didn't know if this was a solo thing for me (I haven't tried, for example, reinstalling), or if other people had noticed this problem.


(unrelated note: the world's a happier place because of Spiderweb Software--thanks so much for providing me and my friends with almost endless hours of gameplay!)

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Hi- unfortunately this bug made it into Nethergate:resurrection. When this happens to you, look inside your save game folder. What has happened is the extension ".sav" was removed from your most recent saved game, and the game instead loads a previous version. Just edit the file to add the ".sav" at the end of it, and you should be able to restore it.

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