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Avernum 5: No items?


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I have Avernum 5 for the Macintosh, v1.0. I've been enjoying the game immensely, until until all of a sudden, on my second playthrough, disaster struck! All the items seem to have disappeared. I'm in The Dark River, and having just completed two of Melanchion's Tribute quests, I returned to Goro, got my two Dragon Keys, and opened one of the reward rooms. To my surprise, there's nothing in there! Thinking it a fluke, I tried another one, still no items. I opened a few boxes which I knew had items in them, and still nothing! I tried loading another save game, and it works fine. Can someone please help me out?

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This happened to me once with Avernum 4, as a result of my using the "backtostart" cheat as a timesaving measure -- apparently it can somehow screw up the loading of items into memory. I had to go back to a save previous to using that; they were gone for good otherwise.


Did you use anything like that recently?

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