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Explosion Graphic Sheet


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For your own personal use, or to get some specific effect in your scenario?


If you change the graphics, then any other scenario you play which uses them (be it for cutscenes, traps, or some spells, which all - I think - use them) will have the same changes. It'd also be annoying for anyone wanting to play the scenario; they'd have to keep track of which graphic is the right one for each scenario.


I'm not quite sure what you want to do. Is it some special effect for a cutscene? I'd suggest making special terrains for the effect, then running them in sequence in the cutscene.


Hope this helps.



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Changing party member graphics is possible on Mac-BoA. LP does this. It's a little awkward, though.


I've never tried explosions, but I wouldn't be surprised if it worked the same way, equally awkwardly.


EDIT: To clarify: the party member graphics thing doesn't work at first. One has to reload a save and possibly do something else weird. That's what I'm suggesting about explosions. Also, it doesn't work on Windows.

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