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1st Ever BoA Arena: All Welcome!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to get the news out on the Spiderweb Software forums that the BoA community is holding its first ever monster Arena contest and we want you to particpate.


Essentially, what this means is that you can create a number of monsters that will duel each other in one on one battles. Now BoA scripting might seem daunting to some newcomers, but the good news is that almost no knowledge of scripting is needed. In fact, everything you need to know about creating custom monsters is listed in the Custom Object section of the editor PDF file.


Here are some links for some more information:


What is the Arena?


What are the rules?


Forum: The BoA Arena


If you're confused or curious, just drop your questions here. If you're planning on entering, either drop a line here or on the BoA Arena forum.

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