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BoA editor 1.0.1 pdf doc up to date?


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Hmm... I can't tell you what it was, now, but I specifically remember seeing something that changed in the PDF from what was provided with the 1.0 editor. I believe it was a call that was removed, now that I think about it. Based on that, I assumed the PDF was up to date except for version number.


Regardless, I have no convenient way to use Word DOCs (and hate them anyway), so I'll be sticking to the PDF and continue pointing out when it's wrong. smile



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Then how about at least having Word convert to an .html from the .doc when you modify it? (says he who really, really hates Word) Or heck, just dump the text into a BBEdit file. Anything but Word format.


Hmm... guess I DO have both AppleWorks and Mariner Write, looking in my Applications folder, that can read a .doc (in addition to Word itself, for that matter--though I refuse to even launch it if I can help it). Just being my usual "grumpy old man" self, I guess... laugh


Still, I really prefer PDFs for documentation. Isn't it just a matter of "printing" it (to a file) to make the PDF? Docs don't have to be "pretty"...


EDIT: You can grab a "down'n'dirty" conversion of the 1.1 docs to PDF from my iDisk . No bookmarks, and some of the pictures don't line up all pretty-like. If someone wants to spend the time to do a "proper" conversion, I'll let you upload them to my iDisk (which is just a trial account I set up expressly for this purpose, anyway smile ).


This is just for folks like me who are just searching the docs 99.9% of the time, anyway.

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