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BoA Bug

Panzer Elemental

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Dunno if this should go here, or in the BoA forum, seeing as its a bug with a specific scenario, but I'll put it here.


I was playing Exodus, and when I got to the part in the tower where the mage dude kills Legare and the goddess flys everyone back to camp, a bug shows up and BoA shuts down. Oh, and Pithoss appears as a giant question mark.


Any help on this would be appreciated.

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If anything or anyone appears as a giant question mark that means a graphics problem has occurred. Unless the question mark has the name "Placeholder", in which case the relevant monster has not been detailed in the scenario data script.


Take this to the BoA forum, Exodus has had a few problems listed in its day. If this is the only crash you have had it is most likely the scenario not the game itself.

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