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Text Bubbles and Cutscenes

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A problem I am trying to solve at the moment is how to do text bubbles.


Mainly I want to know how I can make a textbubble appear for a few turns then dissapear for a few turns and then come back and so forth.


I also would like to know how you make one textbubble after the other come because I can't seem to make it work! eek


Oh and another thing. Can someone help me out with this cutscene stuff i can't figure it out!



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What I do to put "Zzzz..." bubbles on a sleeping character in one of my towns is something like:


if ((get_current_tick() % 2) == 0) {

// put up your bubble here



That makes it appear every other 'tick'. Changing the modulus (of course) changes the number of turns between it showing up.


In a cutscene, a string of text bubbles would look something like this:


text_bubble_on_char(6, "I'm talking...");

force_instant_terrain_redraw(); // draw it

pause(20); // give player time to read it

text_bubble_on_char(6, ""); // clear last bubble

text_bubble_on_char(6, "Saying something else...");





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