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Avernum 1 - Graphics Problem


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I'm playing through Avernum again, on a Power PC iMac, OS 10.3.9. It's Avernum version 2.0.


I've been playing for a while, but all of a sudden after leaving one of the towns up north, the four corners of the terrain area are black. Only a diamond-shaped area in the middle actually shows the terrain. What's going on?


EDIT: I just tried playing the older version of the application in Classic mode. I.e., I have the older app of Avernum also in the "Applications (Mac OS 9)" folder. I.e., running on its own graphics files and whatnot, separate from the OS X one which is in the "Applications" folder.


The problem wasn't there. But as soon as I saved the game file, I got the same chopped-corners problem as with the OS X version! What's even stranger is that this now happens with all saved game files as well, in both versions of the application, even ones that didn't have this problem before. Does this mean the saved game files are corrupted or something?

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