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SpidWeb Glitch # whatever we are up to


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Ok, I have another weird glitch, that may be easily fixable.


The other day, when I had finished updating my profile, the details on SW forums went all weird. The post date/time, the member number, the forum header, all weird. They are kind of blurry, whereas before they were fine. Can any-one help me?


EDIT: SWscreenshot.bmp

EDIT 2: Too small.

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Ok. The text on the page is kind of blurry. Not the posts, but the things like where it says 'my profile' 'register' and the like. Its also blurry where it says a members karma, their member number, title, etc. I'll try again for the pic.


EDIT: Its blurry, but still readable. It just changed all of a sudden the other day.


EDIT 2: Try again. Sorry, thats the best I can do. untitled2.bmp

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