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Need a contact form


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Um, you might want to read the forum description again. This is a forum for technical problems with Spiderweb Software games, not a general-purpose tech support forum.


Now, there are a lot of very friendly and computer-literate folks here, so you might get a response anyway. But don't count on it.

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http://groups.google.com .




But since I'm qualified to answer and have time:


It's ugly, but I've seen it work.


Brett Bixler's BoA Louvre site has a submission form that relies entirely on client side code. What happens is that you fill out the form, and get redirected to your email client "Compose" window, from where you send the email yourself.


This is accomplished by making your form like the following:


<form action="mailto:email@address.com?SUBJECT=Web Form Submission">[... HTML input fields]</form>
Note that this is very unreliable: It will not work for people who have no local mail client (which surprisingly exist), the submitted data can only be parsed by a human, etc.


You're probably better off giving people your email address and telling them what information to include in their manually sent message, since it's more reliable and about as convenient.

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