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Scaling up CBoE on HiDPI Linux systems

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Turns out this is not as hard as I thought, it just relies on a somewhat obscure X server parameter that Xwayland also accepts.


The steps are

  1. Set Wine to use a virtual desktop. This is important for being able to move the map window around and such.
  2. Start a Weston or other minimal compositor session within your normal Wayland desktop.
  3. In the embedded compositor session, start Xwayland using the -dpi option, e.g `Xwayland :5 -dpi 75`
  4. Now open another terminal in the embedded session, export DISPLAY as necessary, and start BoE in it.
  5. You'll wind up with something that looks like this:



This way you can get a legible (though slightly ugly) window on HiDPI monitors where the window would normally be tiny. Furthermore with Xwayland 23.1 the embedded Weston session becomes unnecessary, as the -geometry parameter lets you specify a smaller window instead of Xwayland taking up the whole screen.

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