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Weird G3 script glitch (Windows)


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SPOILERS warning.


To the glitch:

I have gone completly rebel having planned it the entire game, maybe one shaper type answer at the very first town of South End.


I have gotten to the end of the game, to the Geneforge zone itself. When I enter the zone, I talk to Litalia and she acts like I am a loyalist, and in fact, my responses are of a loyalist. (I will kill you for being a traitor, etc)


Then I ended the conversation without fighting by clicking the check button. An auto-dialog immediatly poppped up and the same responses happen followed by her attacking me.


I can avoid this by simply walking as far away from her as possible, and after I get & complete the mission to kill the head shaper on the islands she is fine and regards me as a fellow rebel, however it is an annoying bug.

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