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Queen's Wish, Ahriel settlement names

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I find it a curious coincidence that Sliven and Elhovo happen to be the names of two Ahriel cities.  Both are pretty common Slavic words, and the names of multiple settlements in Bulgaria, Serbia, and possibly other Slavic countries.  For those who care, it's Сливен and Елхово, and the names share roots with "plum" and "pine".

I also met people with common Slavic names, like, of course, Ivan.

So, is that a coincidence, or are Ahriel meant to be vaguely Slavic?

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Jeff has in the past used names from whatever he has been reading, watching, or listening to for his games.


This is a list of name cameos. It included every one that someone has noticed and the source. Your catching a possible  reason for the names might get included to the list.

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Yeah, the more recent new games (Avadon and Queen's Wish) seem to have favored ethnic name generators/lists rather than pulling from the names of real or fictional people -- see category 18 in that link.  Makes sense that a similar source could be used for town names.

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