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Rewards from Levy?

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I am playing Avernum 3 for the first time (tried Exile 3 after it first came out, but only the free part). I am very confused about getting the rewards from Levy. I have finished the slime plague, the roach plague and gotten back the Orb of Thralni but no rewards yet whenever I ask him. What am I possibly missing? Someone else to talk to?

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You need to talk to several people. Turn in evidence to Berra in the library, then talk to Anaximander in his office about the quest and make sure he tells you to see Levy about a reward, and finally talk to Levy. You may have to go through several dialogue options to find the one about a reward for each one.


The difference between Exile and Avernum was the addition of sdf (stuff done flag) that requires each step being done before being able to go to the next. Exile let you skip steps if you knew the right keyword from a previous play through.

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Playing Avernum 3, the original.


When I speak to Anaximander, the options (summarized) are:

1) What are our orders?

2) Can I return to the Tower of Magi? (note I just went there and got my Solberg rewards for the first two plagues)

3) I've done some exploring. Can you give more instructions?

4) Tell me of the other spies

5) Do you think Erika is to blame?

6) Do you think one of the dragons is to blame?


If I do orders, he tells me to explore the surface; I've explored Bigail and the first province and started on the Troglodyte province


If I ask about instructions, he tells me to keep finding out what is happening.


Hope this helps.

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If Anaximander is telling you you can return to the Tower of Magi then you have reported at least one plague victory to him.

The question you need to ask Levy is:

"Have my achievements merited a reward yet?"

EDIT: I don't know where in his dialogue tree it is, but it looks like it should always be present.  He will either respond:

Levy looks through a large book, checks again, and looks back up apologetically. "Nope, you've done nothing yet to merit a reward. Perhaps you should do some adventuring and check back later."

or e.g.

Levy looks through a large book, finds something of interest, and produces a potion from under the counter. "Well done! Here is the reward for dispatching the Alien Slime."

The rewards for the early quests aren't that amazing.  For the slimes it's an Invulnerability Elixir and for the roaches it's a Ring of Skill.  So I'm wondering if you could have already picked them up and just not realized it?

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