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Just started avernum 6

Richard Bacon

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I bought this one ages ago on steam and never played it. I started a quest recently since I am currently unable to properly complete my Exile 3 quest because of my lack of old enough hardware to properly play and enjoy the game how it was meant to be.


I gotta though say, Avernum is very clean and I love the Immersion. I am saddened however by the lack of 2 extra party members but I'll live. I haven't delved into a good battle yet though as I just got to the castle and looking around for now. Following meryhews orders and such. I just spoke with one of the Vahnatai at the castle however and he mentions the "end" this caused me to chuckle. Like who does he think he is? Avernum Ending? What is this alien on. There is never an end when it comes to such resourceful warriors and adventurers of Avernum.

One side note though.

Does it matter if I started on Avernum 6 instead of 1? I don't really wish to bother with the original 3 Avernums seeing as they are remakes of the original Exile trilogy so would starting on Avernum 4 suffice?

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3 hours ago, Randomizer said:

The remakes have additional material, a few more zones to visit. Story wise, you don't miss anything.

Ah yes I had figured so that they would just be little tweaks here and there with them. To be fair I feel the best way to enjoy the story of Exile would be with the 6 characters and the vastly more complex inner-makings such as the valuable books of dozens of spells and so forth would honestly make the enjoyment of the story much better than the simplicity of Avernum

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