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Eye beast fight?

Mah Al Ibara

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I'm playing on normal mode after playing casual twice. I tried to take on the eye beasts in the underworld and laughed out loud when 3 of my characters were wiped out in the first wave of attacks. I am already at level 20, so I can't change much or add new abilities. (I completely forgot about Bonds of the Fae, and now it's too late to get it now because I used up all my crafting materials and there are few sources of others left in the game at this point.)


Anyway, even using Bonds of the Fae on a skeleton or construct, how does one win this fight if three members are wiped out before one even gets a turn?

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It really needs at least one party member faster than them. The first person needs to use an item to summon a construct or other creation between the party and them. Even without Bonds of the Fake cast on it to shield it from damage it will take some of their attacks. I find I need at least two creations out there as shields to give you time to start wiping them out.


Jeff deliberately made this a very hard fight and I usually get wiped out without that speed.


Good luck.

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It worked! I got my support character (who can make a skeleton) up to 52% speed bonus, my magic user up to 46%, and my two fighters up to 25% and 5%. I lost the support character because of an error (I accidentally walked her too close to the enemy), but even so it was an easy fight. Thank you so much for this advice!

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