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After killing the Cockatrice -- not able to collect reward, help


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I am playing Genforge 1 Mutagen and just did the killing the Cockatrice quest in the Ascended Labs. Went upstairs to claim my 3 rewards. Got two objects which can be somehow charged with power, ok. But in the northern room there is a chest I cannot access. The way is blocked by stones. Am I supposed to come back later or did I miss a dialogue that would trigger that specific one? 

I did get to the point someone downstairs granted me rights to claim those 3 rewards, or did I misunderstand something?

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Thought I could upload an image
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You might have misunderstood. There are two rooms upstairs that you get access to as rewards. One has the two chests and the other is the door past the rubble blocked chest room and has a door opening to the first create cockatrice canister.


I don't think you can reach the chest in the room in between the sliding door rooms.


Also you get told about going someplace ti continue the quest.

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