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Defeating Zephyrine by Trickery


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I am a bit late to the party playing Avadon, but I thought this trick may come in handy for any other latecomers. To avoid having to fight Zephyrine and the golems at the same time, you can use Battle Frenzy to lure her away from her lair. If you go far enough before attacking her, the golems won't reach the fight in time. I led her all the way down to the ruins in the southeast corner of the map and locked the gates behind her, which may have prevented the golems from even walking towards the fight since they couldn't find a clear path. The golems still grant her blessings, but they fade eventually, and they can't heal her. Incidentally, if you exit the fight after leading her away, she will start walking back to her original position and any gates or doors in the way are opened automatically (or maybe she opens them).

I was playing on Torment and probably hadn't optimized my party enough since I could only get her down to one golem before my party was wiped out, but I still felt like clearing the quest to save the Wyldrylm village. Oh, and you have to go back to her lair to trigger the message about claiming one of her teeth and make the dragon tooth appear among your Special Items. If you are fast enough, you can even run circles around the golems and loot her hoard before they catch up with you. 

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