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Avadon 1 Resolution / Mini Map Question


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Hi everyone,


I just fired up Avadon 1, and I have a large screen / resolution. It works great with the game, the only slightly annoying thing is the location of the character portraits and the minimap when utilizing the full screen.


I'm assuming there's no way to change those and move them to the edges of the screen, but I figured I'd at least ask. I can't upload a picture on here directly, but I'll link to the picture if anyone wants to actually see it.





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Clicking on the button on the top left closes the map or character list.


Clicking on the top bar lets you move it to a different position on the screen.


Hopefully you can find a spot that works better when you play.



Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It really helps to locate it when you finish the game and do the final battle. :)


Really , read the topics complaining about that fight.

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