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gem puzzle to open gate


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There are two puzzle boards that have no gems on them at the start. You need to know where to place the gems. During the quest they are part of you find a clue where to place gems on those boards. You can record dialogue to keep such clues in your journal.


The puzzle board in the Wyrm’s Teeth is part of the Harvester quest. The Erud in Laskara starts you on that quest. I can't quite recall but I think when the quest takes you to the Mistglen, you find a book with the clue for this puzzle board there.


The puzzle board in the Nameless Library is part of the on the quest to rescue Ezequiel. Nilzichek in the Nameless Ruin starts you on that quest. In that area you can find a note from Ezequiel with the clue for this puzzle board.


The other puzzle boards don't have clues. These are logic puzzles. They get quite hard later on.


You have to connect each color to the same color elsewhere on the board. The <> squares will connect from any side to any other side, also to sides on adjecent <> squares. If there is a clue to give, it's that the short route isn't always the solution—sometimes you have to go a long way around.


The deluxe edition of the game comes with a hintbook that has the solution for all games.


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