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Queen's Wish 2 screen compressed

Captain Blood

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I was trying out some different display settings on an M1 Mac mini (2020) with an ASUS monitor at 1600x900 resolution.


I toggled to (I think) the "small" display option, and the program now displays in a relatively small banner area in the middle of the screen.  I can't navigate back to the options to change the display preferences back, so I am stuck.  I will try to restart the computer, which may fix it, but I thought I should report this anyway.  I will try to attach a screenshot.


Thanks for any help!



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The problem would be in your preference file , so if you reinstall, you would need to make sure that file is deleted from the save game folder. 


Copy the entire save game folder to a different name and after reinstalling, you can just copy back the individual save gm folders: save0, sve1, ... that you used. You will need to adjust your other game preferences.

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