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Short Questions

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Really love the game, but I'm a bit overhelmed :) Some noob-questions:


1. In the obeyer-village I killed some enemys behind a locked door and found an orange essence, that poisened me. I survived, but cannot do anythin. I can't destroy oder use the essence, it looks like a riddle, that I cannot solve. Can I do anything?


2. there are many things in the game, like spoons, lab equipment etc. is that just flavor? Or are they needed?


3. I have a thorn baton and a lot of thorns, but I can't figure out how to use it?

Thanks and greetings!

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1. There are essence pools through out the game meant to power enemy creations, but are useless to you. If they poison you, then stay away from them. Most are not hazardous.


2. There are lots of items that have no value and are for show to fit the area like beakers in a lab. Shaper equipment is different since there is someone that will buy the two different types.


3. Thorn batons equip in the main hand as a missile weapon instead of a sword or wand. It can be used as a range missile attack. When you used up the up to six shots, then it will reload from the corresponding thorn type if you have one in your backpack. Best used by guardians with lots of dexterity and missile weapon skills to do decent damage. There are a limited amount  of each thorn type in the game.


Good luck and enjoy the game.


Welcome tp Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity by the for. It will protect you from enemy essence pools. :)

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