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Is there a text dump of the game?


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For the purpose of translation, is there a text dump of Blades of Avernum or at least Blades of Exile?

I know there is for the original Exile trilogy and the old Avernum versions, but I can't find any info on Exile/Blades of av.


Thanks in advance.

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Excellent news, thank you for your answer. 😀


By any chance I can't find the introduction text for each of the official scenarios, this last one remains untraceable in the folder.


You wouldn't know where it is?

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concerning Blades Of Exile, the project Classic Blades of Exile https://github.com/calref/cboe allows to dump all the text of a scenario in a file. 
Regarding doing a translation, it is possible to use the BoE scenario editor to translate the text of a scenario (or to unzip/untar the new scenario format and edit the text files directly) ; there remain two/three main problems ( that I have tried to fix in my fork which diverged strongly 😒, in the floor branch )

  • the code uses basic strings, so if you need to use non-ascii characters : à, é, è, ñ, ... 😒
  • there are a lot of strings that are hard-coded in the code; so without changing the code, it is not possible to translate them,
  • the provided fonts allow to display only some basic characters, most of them western characters ( I haven't solved this problem, but it seems possible to replace the provided fonts with others ).
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