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So, I've forgotten a lot...


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I recently returned to playing Blades of Exile after a many-years absence, and while a lot of it is either self-explanatory or I remember as I go, there are some things that I can't seem to remember or find.


-A few item types are particularly opaque to me; I have a ring of 'Skill' and a ring of 'Will', and while I assume they have some specific purpose I can't recall it and the documentation I've been able to find doesn't go into specifics. If there's a page somewhere listing item type meanings, I've been unsuccessful in searching for it. Most things I search bring up either God of War or Path of Exile.

-I've been attempting to recreate my character from my earlier playthrough. I know I played through several scenarios at the time, but can't remember which ones. I downloaded the allscen package several years ago so I can't narrow it down much by checking files. I seem to recall getting a green acid sword from somewhere, and I remember playing the scenario that had an instrumental version of Eye in the Sky, but I don't know if they're the same or different scenarios. I also remember a scenario where if you were too high level you'd end up in an endless fight against slithzerakai, but could play it normally only with a lower level party. Anyone know which scenarios they may have been?


Thank you!

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