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Queen's Wish iOS savegame preview inconsistency


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Queen's Wish for iOS v1.1.1

iOS v15.3 used on all devices (iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5, iPhone SE (2020)


Queen's Wish on my iPad mini 4 does not retain the savegame preview screenshot. When a game is saved, the area where the preview should be is totally blank (see screenshot below).


If I move those savegames created on the mini 4 to my mini 5 or iPhone SE (2020), the preview does not show on those devices either.


However, if I start a totally new game on either the mini 5 or the iPhone SE, the savegame preview does show on those devices.


Now if I move those same savegames created on the mini 5 or iPhone SE with the previews showing, to the mini 4, the previews again do not show.


I'm baffled...does anyone have any insight or similar experience with the savegame previews being blank?


Otherwise, I have no issues with the savegames operating correctly and gameplay itself is 100% normal.


EDIT: OK this issue seems to be random. I just transferred the savegames from the mini 4 to the mini 5, started playing on the mini 5 and then went to the samegame screen. One preview showed this one time. I then went back to play the game, then returned to the savegame screen and once again, the preview was gone. I used normal alphanumeric characters in the savegame names from when I started the game as seen below to avoid any issues with possibly using an invalid character.


This is what is displayed consistently on the mini 4



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