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Shadow of the Stranger, looking for spoilers


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as I just finished Shadow of the Stranger to test if it works with my version of cboe, there are two places that I have questions:

  • Weilim, in chapter 2, one of the three options given by Gwennyth is to eliminate the mayor of Weilim, I have no idea how to do that ( so I did the two other quests :-~ )
  • Stonghold Dungeon, in chapter 3, I started with no equipment in a 3x3 cell that has metal doors, there are some ingredients to create a clarity potion, there is also a friendly gecko that was walking around outside the cell (which may be important). I ended up using the Cheater Stick to open the doors, but I had a feeling that wasn't the best solution.

If anyone remembers the game and how to solve these two points, I'm interested...

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For Weilim: if you're going to assassinate someone, it's best done at night. You'll also want a back route AND your target's keys. Search the town records for a backup key during the day; then wait until night, and look for moldy or cracked walls on the north side of town.


For the stronghold cell: if you talked with the home security wizard in Schernbuck (sp?), you might remember that he was experimenting with a species of gecko with highly acidic guts. The geckos outside your cell are the same kind. Drop some food to coax them through the bars, kill the poor critters, and apply their insides to the cell bars.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the surprisingly relevant political themes!

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Thanks a lot, I'm currently testing whether The Za-Khari Run scenario works. I'll try again later.


Note: Regarding Weilim, I guess I didn't look enough for moldy or cracked walls :-~ Regarding the stronghold cell, I had no food when I started in the fortress cell (but now I understand how the scenario is supposed to work).


Edit: I try again and this time I succeeded, thanks again. In fact, my problem with Weilim was related to using a cube and concerning stronghold cell, it was related to casting a spell that I just discovered (thanks for the hints).

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