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Encountered a bug in the Chabon quest


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Hello everyone,

I'm currently playing Avadon 2, and I'm trying to finish up the Yoshira and Chabon quests, which are located in the Avadon dungeons. My character just returned from the third trip to the Contested Lands (Konstantina lair), and from what I've read on here, my character should be able to access the lower levels of the dungeons. However, the second gate on the second level (the one immediately after the turrets) is still locked.

Pic related: https://i.imgur.com/29EDcwd.png

When I speak to Mamora, the only option I have is "I can help you find Chabon", after which come "What should I do when I find him" and "Anything I should know?".

Am I just glitched out of the quests or am I missing something?


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Just figured out I posted in the wrong forum, but can't figure out how to delete or move it. My apologies.

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It has been years so I don't remember if you have to ask Mamira to specifically unlock the gate or move closer to it for it to open. It's one of those quests where the way doesn't unlock until you have reached a certain point in the game and get the right dialogue option. The idea being you won't be powerful enough to survive before then.


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