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The IRC channel has moved

Celtic Minstrel

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The FreeNode IRC network where the #openboe discussion channel was hosted recently underwent a meltdown of sorts. Because of this, I'm moving the channel to a new network, Libera.Chat, which is the spiritual successor of FreeNode.


You can join the channel by clicking here if you have an IRC client. I've also updated the links in the forum header and on OpenBoE.com to point to the new location.


Unfortunately, Libera does not (yet) have a webchat client on their website like FreeNode did. If I find they've added one though, I'll include a link to it as well.


I will be leaving the FreeNode channel open for awhile longer (perhaps a month or two) in case of people showing up who missed this announcement, but after that, the FreeNode channel will cease to exist.

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Small update: The FreeNode channel is now officially shut down… or, more precisely, it has been stolen by the FreeNode administrators. Do not under any circumstances join either #openboe or ##openboe on the FreeNode network. The official IRC channel from now on is on Libera.

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