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It is official - I am Spiderweb cocoon!

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this is my first post on this forum. I just want to say this:


I am 40+ years old and I've been playing RPG games for more than 25 years. Obviously that's why I love old-school RPGs.  I must admit I have had problems to find a game of my taste lately because the new AAA games just don't work for me. Then I found Spiderweb universe....


First game I played was Avadon: The Black Fortress. I liked it. But it was Avernum: EftP which really got me. I would never think something so simple-looking could have such satisfying game-play. In general I enjoy simple games with simple rules and simple skills and atributes progression. Maybe it's not "hard-core" but whatever. That's why I slightly prefer Avernum over Avadon (well, when I think about it - from the very reason I prefer Icewind Dale over Baldur's Gate). I am currently playing the second Avernum game and then... Well, there are many games to go. 🙂


So I just want to thank Jeff and other people for making these games. You just got a(nother) big fan...

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