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AC3, long shot but... [solved]

Nephil Thief

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So because I have a bunch of free time from now until two weeks after my second vaccine dose, I decided to complete this hugest ever of BoE scenarios... 

I'm at the part where I just had to take Sister Elysia to Tel'moria, and General Vargas got back to me on the talking crystal saying basically "Come see me immediately once you're back in Zenith." So I went back to Zenith... and he wasn't in his office. Nobody at all behind his desk. The soldier at the front desk still talks about him being there and gives me an appointment though, so... bug? I think? I also checked the League of Zinlasian Nations and the Governor's mansion, he wasn't there either. Is there somewhere else I have to look, some way I can refresh the town, or am out of luck?


[Edit: decided to remove OT stuff on characterization]

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Leave the town level and visit four other town or dungeon levels, then return. Or, press > to debug-reset towns. Leave town first.


Thanks for playing BoE! :D


(EDIT: I've been trying to find someone who knew the debug code all day, but I ended up just pressing Shift+every key until I found the right one. 😛)

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OMG thank you @The Almighty Doer of Stuff! Let's give that a try.

... Nope. Didn't work. :(

Edit: ah, found the issue! I was supposed to talk to Capt. Viatrix after coming back from Tel'moria, not Gen. Vargas. I guess Vargas not being in his office was a feature, and the secretary not knowing was a bug.

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Wow. Have I mentioned I love this scenario? The Magites really are the absolute worst.

Edit: OMG



Not only are they magical slave-owning racists, they murdered the Orc hermit lady and then murdered everyone in the Gumby sanctuary.

The worst. Just the absolute worst.

Anyway yeah I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this scenario has aged, the usual early 2000s video game flaws notwithstanding.

Edit 2: okay have to say though, if I'd known ahead of time how the lich in Balinport has to be dealt with (and that this quest is not optional), I probably would have avoided the scenario. That part is about the lowest low point I can think of in any BoE scenario I've played, and it's made all the more gratuitous IMO by the amount of filler in that part of the game (and also just feels like reaching for extra edginess to justify the R rating).

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