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Geneforge 1 Mutagen - Incorrect info in GOG store page?


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Not an issue with the game itself, but looks like GOG has a couple of incorrect pieces of info in their store page:


- The store page doesn't mention support to GOG cloud saves but I can see the option to download my cloud saves in GOG Galaxy. Steam seems to support cloud saves and it's mentioned in their store page;

- The store page mentions support to GOG achievements but I can't see any of them in GOG Galaxy or in my GOG profile page. Actually my profile page shows a percentage completion for G1 Mutagen like other games that support GOG achievements but no achievements listed. Does the game support GOG achievements or just the in-game medals?

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Thanks! I contacted GOG support as well. Only automated responses so far but I believe they are in Poland so it's probably late there.


All other Spiderweb games don't have achievement support in GOG (not sure about cloud saves). G1 Mutagen was the first one that actually mentioned it in the store page so I thought it was a nice addition to the GOG version. Not a big deal as it doesn't affect the gameplay but it would be a nice feature to the GOG version to be on par with Steam.

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