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Release party thread (GF1-M is LIVE!)


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Seems like an appropriate reason for a celebratory thread.

I think this is the first time I've intentionally paid more for a game on release to support the developer as well. I have no intention of using the hint-book, maps, or canister locations for my first play through, but I bought the deluxe edition anyway. Congrats Jeff and good luck with the sales, hope this will be a blockbuster hit for Spiderweb!


Downloading now! What's that? In the time it took me to type 2 sentences the game has downloaded? The world has really changed since GF1 was first released, haha!

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Enjoy! Spiderweb games are the ONLY games that are guaranteed day-one purchases for me; always have been, and I've never been disappointed. I did solo Agent (and in later games, solo Servile) runs back with the original series, but I'm looking forward to trying out a Guardian or full-on Shaper this time with the cool new creation skills/features.

Justice for serviles!

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