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Avadon 1: Spanish translation attempt


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Hi, this is my first forum topic, so I hope to be posting it in the right place.


As the title says, I'm trying to make a spanish translation of the game, but I found a little problem, which I don't know how to solve, due to my lack of technical knowledge.


Basically, my problem is that the game doesn't recognize certain characters of my language, like the letter ñ, to give an example.


I know that the fonts are located in an image named G290 inside the "Avadon Files\Graphics Core" folder. This appears to be a bitmap-style font but not quite the same. I thought of doing something as simple as replacing certain unusual characters with some really necessary ones in my language, such as the one I gave as the example. But I don't know which of these are really used in the game texts, or if modifying them would bring problems with the game.


I hope that someone can give me some help, or guide me in how I could solve this issue.

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That's really cool (he says while not knowing much more Spanish than being able to count to 10 & order a beer...).


You may want to run your idea/offer past Jeff/SW (support@spiderwebsoftware.com).  He might be able to give you access to the actual font files/the text files/can let you know if changing any of them will screw things up/etc.  And depending on what you plan on doing with this once it's done, you should probably check with him first anyway.  'You' couldn't sell the game, but if it turns out good, he may put it on the site as an option (& give you a small cut of the sales).  Who knows, if it turns out well/is relatively easy, you could perhaps do the other games in the SW universes.  There's probably a decent sized untapped market.


Another idea would be to find a similar font that 'does' have all the assorted characters you need.


Regardless, good luck with the project.  I hope that it turns out & isn't too hard to get it functional.

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Thanks, I also hope that I can finish the translation. There is a lot of text to translate.

I contacted the support for another unrelated issue, in which I asked the same problem of the fonts, but they did not give me a solution, so I decided to do it myself, despite my lack of technical knowledge. Because of that, I could only add 3 special characters (ñ, ¡, ¿) of my language. So it won't be a perfect translation since I couldn't add diacritical characters.


Obviously this is a non-profit project and it is so that people who don't know or don't master English can enjoy this game.

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Translation update:


Images = 100 %

Avadon scripts = 38,35 % (107 of 279)
Largest script = 40,25 % translated


Once again I found myself with a problem and this time, something much more complicated. There are texts in the .exe file that I don't know how to modify without crashing everything.

Apparently these texts aren't related to the game's story, but if I don't modify them, it won't be a complete translation.



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